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Technical Sales: Tracy Lee Once we have received sufficient information, we will provide a quotation within a week. If the quotation is acceptable, We will have a sample made and shipped to required destination. Upon approval of sample, we will have the product made and shipped. The time from acceptance of quotation until receipt of sample is usually 2-4 weeks. The time from approval of sample until receipt of production for the first order is usually 120-150 days.Subsequent orders are usually 70-100 days.

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Tracy A. Lee

111 NE 11th Street   Map
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Tel: (972) 602-1478
Fax: (972) 660-2845

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October 5, 2007

Firstex Industries Inc, is Proud to announce we are moving to our new facility in down town Grand Prairie and will be operational the 8th of October.

The new facility will double the office and warehouse space and give us plenty of room to grow with your continued support.


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Manufactured Gear Reducers, Gear boxes, Precision ground gears, Loose gears, AGMA class 12 and higher. Hob gears and ground gears up to 3 meters are available.

Outsourcing News

March 26, 2015

US cities make pitch to high-spending Chinese, Brazilian tourists

New York City hopes to reach 67 million annual visitors by 2021, and a big part of the plan is attracting big spenders from places like China and Brazil.

Of that 67 million goal, New York expects 16 million will come from international markets, and 51 million stateside. Based on city figures, 965,000 tourists came from Brazil, and 809,000 from China last year, which ranked Nos. 2 and 3 in international tourism to the city.

“China’s been growing a little faster in percentage from a rate-of-growth perspective, so China’s been a huge growth market for us,” said Christopher Heywood, spokesman for NYC & Company, the city’s official tourism bureau. “Brazil in the last few years has also been [growing], and it still will grow this year, but our big focus is on China.” More..

Firstex Industries:importers

Firstex Industries is a US-based contract manufacturer that makes working with offshore manufacturing easy and risk-free. With lower labor cost and ancillary expenses, our overseas manufacturing can make your company competitive in the world's marketplace.

We are importers of industrial products such as castings and investment castings, with special attention to subassemblies and processes for OEM's.

Firstex Industries is a Dallas based company set up to provide a contact with the cost efficient Pacific Rim manufactures of castings, investment castings, forging stamped , tool & die, sheet metal, CNC, and screw machined products so important to United States original equipment manufacturers.

Firstex Industries has over 10 years experience in providing these contacts.


We are headed by Tracy A. Lee who has over 20 years experience in the oil and gas industry with respect to equipment, parts, and supply. Contact him for a free Pacific Rim contract manufacturer analysis.


New casting product samples album posted! email 972 602-1478 phone

The cost savings gives the end product user a benefit to help with savings. The comparison of savings is usually around 40% average.

What Firstex does is take total responsibility for the contract manufacturing from technical specifications to communication with Pacific Rim manufacturers, to delivery at the United States OEM manufacturer.

We are able to provide our import services for delivery to any destiation in the United States.

Below are some featured products we can arrange to be shipped to you.

assemblies, Die, Sand, and Investment Casting Forging - All Types of Steel and Aluminum Stamping - Soft and Progressive Tooling Plastic Injection Molded Items CNC Precision Machine Products Sheet Metal Chassis and Wire Forms Rubber Products - Molded and Stamped Extrusions - Custom made to order Electrical, Mechanical assemblies
CNC from Pacific Rim, Aircraft Cable, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Vinyl Coated Clear Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Steel Forging, Stamping, Machine Works, Gray Iron Casting, Malleable Iron Casting, Steel & Alloy Casting, Aluminum Casting, Brass & Bronze Casting, Drop Forged, Malleable, Cable Cutters, Zinc Plated,Blocks, Cable Cutters & Swagers, Chain, Clips, Eyebolts, Hooks, Lashing Materials, Links, Pulleys, Rings, Shackles, Shuts, Slings, Swivels, Thimbles, Welding
 injection molding,compression molding,plastic molding,plastic products,plastic injection molding,silicone molding,plastic parts,plastic caps,custom injection molding,rubber parts,insert molding,transfer molding,rubber compression molding,custom rubber molding,molded rubber products,rubber products,custom plastic injection molding,rubber injection molding,silicone mold,plastic injection moldings,custom molding,protective plastic parts,masking caps
machined from Pacific Rim, Aircraft Cable, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Vinyl Coated Clear Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Steel Forging, Stamping, Machine Works, Gray Iron Casting, Malleable Iron Casting, Steel & Alloy Casting, Aluminum Casting, Brass & Bronze Casting
Gear Reducers
Sheet metal ,Drop Forged, Binder Chains, Tie Down Assemblies, Ratchet Buckles, Trailer Balls, Tarp Straps & Stretch Cords, Winches, Hooks & End Fittings, Truck Hardware, Triangles & D-Rings, Tow & Recover Straps
Sheet Metal






The process to get the castings, investment castings, forging stamped , tool & die, sheet metal, CNC, and screw machined products to the United States manufacturer is complex. Firstex Industries can make it so simple for the purchasers of these items. Our representatives in the Pacific Rim have many years of experience handling product manufacture and shipping to the companies in the U.S. We have maintained our good working relationship to offer this service to you. Our knowledge of the product specifications is vast. Our experience in getting these products to you is long. You will be able to get your ISO9000 certified products in a timely manner to experience the cost savings to make your operation profitable.

Contact us at Firstex Industries, to look for imported investment castings, castings, ductile iron castings, iron castings, cast iron, metal components, forgings, die castings or Pacific Rim sources for other products!

Let our experience put you in touch with factories in the Pacific Rim. You can get any of these products, such as tool and die, forge stamping, or CNC custom made and shipped to your door, at great value to you.

What else can You get?

...just about any Asian Sourced product you can think of - from oil field products to electronic products, to component needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the Valve, Pumps, Electrical, Agricultural and LPG Industries.

...the same or better quality of product that you are getting right now.

...up to as much as 40% reduction in costs when compared to a U.S.-based supplier

Firstex Industries is a stocking distributor and importer of industrial shaped magnets. Magnets have basics shapes and include..Ferrite magnets, NdFEB magnets, SmCO magnets, Alnico Magnets Motor magnets and Bonded magnets

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